Soondae is a type of boiled blood sausage in Korean cuisine.It is made by stuffing beef intestines mainly with sweet rice and clear noodles mixedwith various ingredients in fresh beef blood.Put a little bit of soondae-salt as your choice of saltness preference.

The benefits of JokBal

Jokbal is an authentic and popular Korean dish cooked with pig’s trotter(long front feet).We cook the meat with a combination of 12 different secret ingredients.Jokbal contains a lot of gelatin and is thus said to promote firm, wrinkle-free skin.The amino acid methionine, found in pork, is claimed to counteract the...


BoSsam is a pork belly meat steamed with ginger. Steaming instead of boiling keeps the good meat juice inside of meat.To eat, after slightly dipping the meat in the Korean fish sauce(SaeWooJut), wrap the meat on a pickled cabbage or letuce with sliced garlic and jalapeno also slightlydipped in soybean...


Hae Jang-Guk(해장국) or hangover soup refers to all kinds of Guk or soup eaten for a hangover cure in Korean cuisine. It means "soup to chase a hangover" and is also called SoolGuk (Korean: 술국). It usually consists of dried Napa cabbage, vegetables and meat in a hearty beef broth.