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The benefits of JokBal

족발은 콜라겐이나 엘라스틴 등의 단백질 성분이 주체로 되어 있다.Pig's trotter mainly consisted of protein components such as collagen and elastin.젤라틴 성분이 풍부하다.Rich in gelatin. 산모의 모유 분비를 촉진한다.Promotes mother's milk secretion.중국의 궁중에서도 먹었던 음식Food that had been eaten even in the Chinese Palace.단백질과 비타민 B1, B2 가 함유되어 있다.Contains protein and...


Bossam is a type of Ssam and is a Korean dish that is eaten with boiled (or steamed) pork belly meat wrapped in lettuce. It is one of the dishes that Koreans look for when drinking soju. Boiling meat without blood and oil is the biggest feature of BoSsam meat, but...


Hae Jang-Guk(해장국) or hangover soup refers to all kinds of Guk or soup eaten for a hangover cure in Korean cuisine. It means "soup to chase a hangover" and is also called SoolGuk (Korean: 술국). It usually consists of dried Napa cabbage, vegetables and meat in a hearty beef broth.